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Lycans fall to Revolution in Season Opener

It was a disappointing Week 1 loss for the Lycans versus the Louisiana Revolution. The first quarter started off promising as the Lycans were able to drive down to the Revolution's 1-yard line. Unfortunately the drive stalled out, ending in a FG. During the Revolution's first offensive drive there was a passed tipped by 4 different Lycan defenders; however Revs TE John-Micheal Suddeth snagged the 15-yard completion and a 1st down. On the ensuing drive the Lycans responded with a 18 yard TD pass from QB Sully Richardson to TE Jack Flash for a great one-handed grab and the first Lycan TD of the season.

The second quarter started off strong with a 3-and-out stand thanks to the Lycans defense. The Richardson-to-Flash connection was working early and often 3 completions to Flash for 49 yards and a TD. Flash also grabbed a huge 3rd down conversion to keep the drive alive and move the Lycans into Louisiana's red zone. However it was not all sunshine and rainbows with the drive ending on a FG and a Revs sack. LA had a 13-3 lead with 4:41 left in the 1st half. The Lycans had Louisiana at 3rd and 3 on their next drive. With the Revolution had the ball about mid field when Lycans DT Gary Marx got hit with a Neutral Zone Infraction to keep the Revs drive alive. The penalty resulted in the Revs first TD of the season on a 4-yard rush from HB Randy Squarebush, making the score 13-10.

On their next drive, Richardson made a timely mistake and threw into double-coverage, the ball being intercepted by Mike Ryan. The Revolution were in field goal range on the Lycan 40. The Lycan defense held the Revolution to a 3-and-out. Louisiana made their field goal, resulting in a 13-13 score going into the half.

Louisiana received the ball at the start of the second half. Their halftime adjustments paid off as QB Tommy Utah completed an 18-yard TD pass to WR Lyriic Davinci; giving the Revolution their first lead of the game (20-13). The ensuing Lycan drive did not go as planned, ending in a 3-&-out with the Lycans punting from their own 22-yard line. The Revolution had great field position with the ball at their own 47-yard line. The Revs offense leaned heavily on the Squarebush, who started taking the game over by land and air. Utah performed a great play action pass to WR Liam Hammer for a 9-yard touchdown, pushing the Revs lead 27-13. Los Angeles next two offensive yielded 3-and-out and Louisiana's defense stepped up by forcing the Lycans to punt inside their 20.

The Lycans defense stepped up with a big 3-and-out of their own, looking to give their offense another chance and to get back into the ballgame. However that was not the case with Sully Richardson throwing his 2 INT of the new season. Louisiana had great field position after the return, starting with the ball at their own 48. The Lycans defense never quit, forcing back-to-back 3-and-outs just as the 3rd quarter ended.

The fourth quarter started with the Lycans desperately needing to score and driving down the field. Moving all the way down to the 1-yard line and being down by 14, LA chose to take a time out after unsuccessfully attempting a disciplined Louisiana defense to jump offsides. The decision was a real head scratcher due to the fact there was 6:51 left to go in the fourth quarter. The Lycans offense hadn't been able to move the ball and needed two TD’s to get back into the game. Kicker Sid O'Lindy made her 3rd field goal of the night, making the score 16-27 with the Lycans being down by 11. On the very next drive Louisianan was able to move the ball down the field. The Lycans held them to a chip shot field goal, making the score 30-16. The Louisiana Revolution gave the fans of Stack Up Stadium something to smile about with a decisive win over the team from the West Coast. Los Angeles starts their season 0-1; however, they will look to turn it around in their home opener vs Minnesota Legend.

News and Notes

  • OC Ryan Yoseph's thoughts on his offense: "I think we're getting close. You can't put a lot of stock into the first week of any SFL team's performance. I am proud of our offense. We made positive plays. I'm more excited about us looking at the negatives and learning from them. We'll be okay."

  • DC/QB Sully Richardson on his performance and the performance of the defense: "I place the blame on me. We've been practicing this offseason. Anytime you give the team the ball, you take yourself further out of the game. I believe we'll correct those mistakes and learn from them. As far as the defense, we'll get better as well. There will be subtle tweaks here and there."

  • Sully Richardson leads the league in completions (46), attempts (63), and passing yards (401).

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