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Logan Jack Named Lycans GM

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Los Angeles ended their 3rd season of the SFL with a record of 4-8. They will be staying home for Season 18, making this the first time in their 3 seasons of existence they've missed the postseason. They ended the season on a good note, defeating their Pacific Division rival Portland Fleet by a score of 34-32. With nothing else to play for, LA wants to prepare for Season 19. This past Monday, they laid the first brick of a soon-to-be sturdy foundation.

The Los Angeles Lycans introduced Logan Jack as their new General Manager. "Logan is such a knowledgeable individual, a hard worker, and an all-around good guy," Minority Owner Sully Richardson said to reporters inside Full Moon Coliseum. "The man has a brilliant mind and has a personality that motivates individuals." Logan Jack has been in the SFL for 7 seasons (2 with the New Orleans Pharaohs; 5 with the Carolina Skyhawks); so, Richardson values his vision a lot. "James Cline and Harish Prasad taught me and Rachelle Colston so much when we played for Carolina. Words can't express how much they've instilled in us. We know that Logan soaked up pertinent information while there and he'll be one hell of a GM for us."

Logan Jack doesn't just talk about it.  He puts actions with words!
Focused and Ready to Strengthen LA's Future!

After taking a tour of Full Moon Coliseum, Mr. Jack stood at the podium and answered a few questions about his new position.

LAL: "How does it feel to to be the new GM of the Los Angeles Lycans?"

Jack: "I'm extremely grateful to be given this opportunity. I can't wait to get started, and I have to thank Tom and Rae, as well as the Lycans franchise. I've been very appreciative of the warm welcome, and I hope our fans are as excited about the move as I am."

LAL: "What areas of the organization do you look to improve upon?"

Jack: "Obviously getting back to the playoffs is job one. Last year was a down year for us, but this team can contend and is built to win now. It's a little early to talk about areas of improvement, as I'm still settling in and haven't had the opportunity to see the film yet. We will evaluate everything as a team, and identify anything we believe we can improve on."

LAL: "What are your goals for yourself (as the GM) and for the team?"

Jack: "The same as a player. I want to win. I want to win titles, and I want to win soon. I didn't take the job to be a playoff team, I want to see this team at the top of the league, competing for a championship year in and year out. The culture here is already solid. The players are capable. The only thing standing in our way right now is us."

With the SFL Playoffs starting, SFL Expansion bids around the corner, the SFL Minor League starting soon, and other off-season events soon to come? There may be plenty of movement between teams in the SFL. GM Logan Jack seems primed and ready to attack the off-season with a barrage of confidence. Stay tuned for more Lycans off-season news and notes!

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