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Daddy Thump Is Home!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Tomorrow is a new era for a hopeful Los Angeles Lycans team. With a dismal 3-9 record last season, LA's front office worked feverishly in the off-season. General Manager Logan Jack wanted to provide the organization with like-minded individuals who could immediately impact the Lycans. "I know how winning looks and feels," Jack explained. "I learned valuable lessons while playing for the New Orleans Pharaohs and the Carolina Skyhawks. I just want to apply that same logic here."

The Offense retained all its players for Season 20. With the departure of former Assistant General Manager/Outside Linebacker Chad Stinson and Defensive Tackle John Nevels, the task of replenishing the proverbial pantry was upon Jack. Former Jacksonville King LB Garrett Hudson was a huge catch in Free Agency for the Lycans. "We had great conversations and I believe his beliefs are in line with (Defensive Coordinator) Sully's," said Logan Jack. "The only person that was missing was someone who could help Speraw, Marx, and Blackwell on the defensive line."

Enter Robert Thump

The 17th of December (2022) was all the rave. With the 2nd pick of the Round One, the Lycans drafted former San Jose Flight Defensive Tackle Robert Thump. To say Sully Richardson wasn't excited is an understatement. "Man, this guy has so much potential," RIchardson said enthusiastically. "His stats in San Jose do not reflect on how talented he is."

After a team walkthrough in preparation for their Week 1 matchup versus the Louisiana Revolution, Robert Thump sat down with us for a quick interview.

LAL: "Tell us a little about yourself."

Thump: "I'm 33-years and currently live in San Antonio, TX. I have a wife and a 6-year old son. I got out of the navy just over a year ago where I was a K-9 handler for 12 years. I've been all over the world. Lived in places like Japan, Italy and been on 2 combat deployments: Once with the army in Somalia and the other with the marines."

LAL: "Nice! What made you want to join the SFL?"

Thump: "Nathaniel Diggs (GM/OLB Arizona Scorpions) got me into the league and I was honestly hesitant at first with paying for a sim league; however, the amount of content and product it provides makes it well worth it in my opinion."

LAL: "Well, we are most certainly glad you chose to join! How does it feel to be a Lycan?"

Thump: "I love it so far. I was thrilled and surprised to be taken with the 2nd pick but very grateful to be here. I can't wait to see what kind of an impact I can provide on gameday to help get us to the goal of winning it all."

LAL: "What do you look to accomplish this season?" Thump: "As a team I want for us to make it to and go deep in the SFL Playoffs. That's first and foremost before any individual goals. Individual goals? I want to continue to get better and be a difference maker and hopefully that ends with me being SFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and us hoisting an SFL Trophy."

LAL: "Great minds think alike! Before we let you go, do you have any final thoughts?"

Thump: "I am just ready for our game this week. I want to see how we look in live action. Yes, watching sims (practicing) and learning was nice before the season started; however, I’m just ready to get this season started and show why I was taken #2 and why we will be a team this year that is not to be slept on."

LAL: "Thanks so much, Robert. Rest up and good luck on tomorrow's matchup against the Revolution!"

Stay tuned for more Los Angeles Lycans News and Notes!

Robert Thump and his son ready for some SFL action!
"The Junkyard Dawg" Robert Thump Is a simple man! Now, He's a Man on a Mission for the Lycans!

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