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Chad Stinson Named Assistant GM of the Lycans

The 6th of June was an important day across the SFL landscape. Many teams made important moves to bolster their teams as they signed various free agents. The Lycans may have lost long-time LB Danny Stinson to the Carolina Skyhawks; but, they gained another unrelated one to their team and front office. Los Angeles announced former Skyhawk Chad Stinson as their Assistant GM. Along with General Manager Logan Jack, Stinson will be helping to guide the Lycans into a brighter future.

"I have the upmost respect for former Skyhawks Owner James Cline and new Owners the Prasads," Minority Owner Sully Richardson said to the media about yesterday's announcement. "Those guys over there knows that it's all love. I personally believe that both our franchises will take things to another level in the foreseeable future and in no way do we want to sour our relationship. At the end of the day, we're all trying to get better." Chad Stinson was the GM and Defensive Coordinator for the Skyhawks last season before parting for free agency. While at LA Headquarters, Mr. Stinson was asked a few questions.

LAL: "How does it feel to be in LA?"

Stinson: "It feels good to be in LA. Leaving the Skyhawks was a hard choice despite what some might think. I have nothing but the upmost respect for those guys and wish them nothing but the best."

LAL: "What goals do you want to accomplish alongside GM Logan Jack?"

Stinson: "I want to help LA and Logan build a team that will make a run to an SFL Championship. Between this work and baseball, it's going to be a very busy time."

Other Los Angeles Free Agent Signings:

Up next is the SFL Schedule Release Show and then the SFL Draft. Who will the Lycans play in Season 19? Which SFLm Rookie will have the privilege of becoming a Lycan? Stay tuned for more Lycans News and Notes!

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