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The Lycans Transform

The SFL has four new expansion teams: Canton Classics, Indianapolis Ramblers, Minnesota Legend, and Seattle Nemesis. The St. Louis Gladiators are no more as they have relocated and re-branded as the Motor City V8's. The Houston Hyenas are now known as the Houston Headhunters and its front office has morphed. The Carolina Skyhawks front office has changed as well as their logos. The Lycans decided to make some cosmetic changes of their own.

On the 1st of June, the Los Angeles Lycans revealed their full re-brand. "The SFL is trying to build something that will stand the test of time," Co-Owner Sully Richardson said. "We wanted a logo that represents our organization's mindset and direction. I think we hit a home-run."

The re-brand was commissioned by long-time graphic designer Blacktiger Art. "I've seen his work throughout the years and he just gets better each time," said Richardson. "It made sense to go with the hot hand."

The Lycans have moved on from their brand that they've had since Season 16 (Matt Doyle Designs).

Gone is the Lobo-like image of the past. The primary displays a muscular Lycan with a full moon behind it. The word mark has a stone-like look: rugged and standing the test of time. The alternative logo is the head of the Lycan: fierce and focused. Every logo is sharp and meaningful.

"We want our logo to be recognizable and above all others," said Minority Owner Ryan Yoseph. "I believe we've accomplished that."

With the new re-brand courtesy of Blacktiger Art, the Lycans look to impact the future of the SFL!

Blacktiger Art:

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