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The Den of Lycans

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Behind-the-scenes look at the Lycans imagery.

You can literally feel the excitement around the newly-minted Los Angeles Lycans organization. The temperature of the Lycans rose even more with its latest announcement. Last Wednesday, The Simulation Football League unveiled Los Angeles' official logo on Twitter. It is a beautiful collaboration between Lycans ownership and the very talented Matt Doyle of Matt Doyle Designs.

With its intense look and feel, we wanted to get an inside scoop on the SFL's newest logo. We traveled to Lycans headquarters to speak with Co-Owners Rachelle Colston and Tom Ramen. We sat down in the Den of the Lycans and got right to the interview.

Lycans: "Thank you for taking a moment to speak with us. It's a real pleasure to pick your brains on this wonderful endeavour."

Colston: "It's a pleasure to just sit down and be engaging."

Ramen: "It was nerve-wracking; but, we're here now! We're ready to get things going."

Lycans: "Why the Lycans?"

Colston: "We both went through the remaining in-game logos available to us. We decided that we liked the werewolf logo the best. We were initially going to be the L.A. Werewolves. We received feedback from a few owners. Apparently, the Werewolf name didn't sit too well with them. We went back to work and came up with the Lycans."

Lycans: "What was the motivation for the logo (movies, books, etc.)?"

Colston: "I grew up reading books about vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters. I have also played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons online. So, it is very fitting that we have a mythical creature as our mascot."

Lycans: "Is there any symbolism in your colors?"

Colston: "We wanted to fit in with the other sports teams in LA: the Bruins, the Rams, and the Chargers. That is why we chose the blue and gold."

The ferocity of a Lycan. The winning tradition of Los Angeles. This is what Co-Owners Ramen and Colston (along with Matt Doyle) envisioned..

Lycans: "What's your favorite sports teams?"

Colston: "Anyone who knows me well, knows that I bleed purple and gold. Geaux Tigers!"

(Ramen was on the phone during the majority of the interview. With his pet squirrel Nico on his shoulder, he excused himself from the room. Before exiting, he spoke.)

Ramen: "Steelers for me!"

Lycans: "Is there anything you would like your potential players and fans to know about the upcoming season?"

Colston: "We have assembled our staff, recruited our players, and will be ready to take the field for our franchise opener."

(Ramen stepped back into the room and spoke.)

Ramen: "I believe we've compiled a great group of people for our front office. We want this organization to be feared and revered. Everyone is excited for an opportunity to showcase Los Angeles. With the help of Matt Doyle, I believe we've taken the first step toward doing that."


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