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JaMarcuss Candy Sweetens the Lycans O-Line

On Saturday (June 25th), the Lycans solidified added another vital piece on their offensive line. With the 8th overall pick of the Season 19 SFL Rookie Draft, Los Angeles selected OT JaMarcuss Candy (Annapolis Navigators). "We're very excited to have him as a member of our organization," said GM Logan Jack about Candy. "We've had many conversations as an organization and we're excited for his arrival."

Candy's selection is a welcomed gift to LA's organization. Last season, the Lycans offensive line gave up 16 sacks (Season 17 - 23; Season 16 - 47). Former LA HB Robert Johnson racked up 1179 rushing yards last season. Candy looks to upgrade passing and rushing attempts with new HB Logan Jack in the backfield and QB Sully Richardson at the helm.

After taking a tour of the newly-renovated Full Moon Coliseum and giving out autographs, Candy settled in to answer questions.

LAL: "Who is JaMarcuss Candy?"

Candy: "JaMarcuss Candy aka JMC is a player who tried to be a QB in the pro league called "NFL." I fell short and was cut way to soon in my career. I hit a low point where I would eat my worries away. When I saw the Browns LT retire it clicked. I knew what a QB wants and I know what a RB wants. I'm going to block! Sadly, the NFL has a tough image of me... So I looked outwards and found the SFLm. I worked my butt off to become what I am prior to the draft. Using my old QB experience I can help recognize issues or holes that need to be filled."

LAL: "Interesting! How does it feel to be a Lycan?"

Candy: "It feels amazing! I loved the shocking effect of the pick. I had no idea of my draft stock since leaving last season's draft. It felt great to see that people still believe in me. LA is a great organization and I love the colors. It gets a little hot out there so hope I'll for the best in the heat."

LAL: "How was your time in the SFLm?" Candy: "Both my times in the SFLm were great. I am bias towards my first year with the Navigators. They will always have a soft spot in my heart. Such great teammates and such a great staff. Shame we fell short when it mattered. For my returning team? I love Ethan Kye. He's just a great all-around guy and I'm happy he got me the looks I needed for the draft."

LAL: "How do you see yourself contributing to LA?" Candy: "Contributions to the team are going to come. It takes time and my current status is rough for extra activities. As a player (RP) I will progress in the way the team needs and focus on what I need to do to help better the team. If others seem to be slacking I will do my best to help them through rough times."

LAL: "Anything you'd like to say to the fans?"

Candy: "The smile on my face when I was selected never knowing LA was interested was priceless. I screamed in a Discord of friends who have no idea what SFL is and I loved it. I'll never forget the journey to get here. Thank you LA for this opportunity"

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