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Constant Change for the Lycans

Los Angeles has been in the cellar of the Simulation Football League for quite some time now. They've posted four-straight losing seasons going back to Season 18. The Lycans last playoff appearance was Season 17 in which they posted a 7-5 record and saw an early exit in the Wildcard. So, what is one to do when facing such a monstrosity of a situation called mediocrity? You stand up and fight back!

Below are some of the changes the Lycans have put into play this past off-season:

Front Office Changes

From Ownership to player personnel, LA got their house in order. Lycans News reporter Dina Gates gets you caught up with the recent changes below:

Swan Song for Wolverine

Lycans organization received some sad news when current GM Logan Jack announced his retirement after Season 22. "Jack has been a phenomenal addition to our organization. He's a leader both on the field and in the front office and he will be truly missed," said Majority Owner Rachelle Colston. Logan's wife, Cornerback T.D. Jack, will be following her husband as well. Assistant GM Jaylin Wells and Ace Blackwell will be Jack's understudies for this season. Jack's exact statement is as follows:

Lycans Standing on Business

With new changes comes a new attitude. The Lycans commissioned an additional logo into their branding. Graphic Designer extraordinaire Torrance Reed of Blacktiger Art once again worked his magic by adding legs to the Lycan. "We wanted to have it complete before Season 21 but we ran out of time," said Sully Richardson. "He really showed out with this one!" The Lycan (or Feral Lycan) can be seen as a fully-transformed Lycan. Powerful legs and tattered yellow shorts give an excellent view for the audience of power and strength.

A complete Lycan:  Strong from head-to-toe.
Torrance Reed of Blacktiger Art put the icing on the cake with this additional Lycans logo.

LA is hoping for Positive Change for Season 22:

  • More wins than losses

  • More positive plays than negative ones

  • More celebrations than consoling one another

The Lycans will get a chance to start things off right when they face last season's Pacific Division-winning Seattle Nemesis in their Home Opener. It all starts on the 14th of January (6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT) on Simulation Football League's YouTube channel.

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