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Sully Richardson Becomes Minority Owner

Excitement for the Lycans future continues to build! Today, Co-Owners Tom Ramen and Rachelle Colston introduced Sully Richardson as Minority Owner.

"Sully has been a stable for our organization," said Tom Ramen. "Rachelle and I could not think of anyone better to join us."

After a season filled immense success in the eyes of the Lycans, Rachelle Colston echoed Ramen's sentiments. "Sully has always been a great person and teammate. We're literally like family."

Richardson seemed to be elated about his new title. "I'd like to thank Tom and Rae for this opportunity. I'd also like to thank (Carolina Co-Owners) James Cline and Harish Prasad for giving me a chance in the SFL. And to the fans of L.A.: You have yet to see the Lycans full transformation."

Join us in welcoming Sully Richardson!

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