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Ryan Yoseph joins Lycans Front Office

The front office of the Los Angeles Lycans just added a new tenant on Wednesday. The organization welcomed Offensive Coordinator, Strong Safety, and all-around good guy Ryan Yoseph as a Minority Owner. "He is one of the most important parts of this team and we are happy to have him onboard," said Co-Owner Tom Ramen of Ryan Yoseph.

Ryan Yoseph's future holding a football (they look similar).
Football's been in Ryan Yoseph's blood since he was little.

At Wednesday's press conference, Ryan Yoseph was brimming with pride as he spoke of his new position. "Thank you all. I have been fighting for .69% ownership for over a season. The Financial Owners group informed me they would accept 10%; but, I played hardball for 9.69% ownership," Yoseph read while wiping his brow. "The team said no; so, we settle on 10%. Part of the agreement was no more sign-making."

Since the team's inception, Yoseph has become one of the up-and-coming young offensive minds in the SFL. His improved play-calling abilities have been instrumental in leading the Lycans to two-consecutive SFL Playoff births. "I call him an Evil Wizard," Minority Owner and Defensive Coordinator Sully Richardson joked. "We bounce ideas off of each other often. You've got to be open to constructive criticism. I believe that's what has allowed both of us to grow in our respective positions."

Please join us in welcoming Minority Owner Ryan Yoseph!

Ryan Yoseph dons a spacesuit and strikes a pose.
Ryan is ready to conquer the SFL one-play-at-a-time!

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