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SFL Wildcard....Part Deux

If you were to stand outside a mansion, you'd think the occupants have it all figured out. Just imagine the exterior:

  • Well-manicured lawn

  • Three or four car garage

  • Fountain with Lycan Lore

  • Numerous windows

As famous Christian rapper from California (now in Houston) Bizzle raps on his song "From the Outside" raps: "It just looks good from the outside."

After getting obliterated by the red-hot Baltimore Vultures in game one, the Lycans won their next two games. In those two games, the offense only produced 36 total points; and, the 9_7 week 3 victory over Sioux Falls was the last straw. After the resignation of then Head Coach James Richards, Los Angeles started to pick things up!

The Lycans got victories in Week 4 (27-20 at Houston), Week 5 (24-47 vs. Vancouver), and Week 6 (3-20 vs. Fort Worth). Weeks 7 and 8 resulted in close loses versus Arizona (20-23) and at Lone Star (31-38). LA got back to their winning ways with a huge Pacific Division victory over the Portland Fleet by of score of 17-30; and proceeded to win by defeating the Louisiana Revolution 7-14. They'd go on and lose the Pacific Division for a second-straight year with loses at Vancouver (36-45) and at San Diego (7-16).

So here's the question: Will the Los Angeles Lycans burst through the SFL Playoff doors or will they go home (again) empty-handed?

Calm Before The Storm...

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

(Lycans Media took some time to interview Co-Owners Rachelle Colston and Tom Ramen, Minority Owner/Defensive Coordinator Sully Richardson, and Offensive Coordinator Ryan Yoseph as they prepare for their SFL Wildcard game versus the Charleston Predators).

LM: "Congrats on making it to the SFL Playoffs two season's straight!"

RC: "Thanks; but, it's kind of bittersweet. We wanted to win the Pacific Division and we had the capability to do so. It just wasn't in the cards for us."

SR: "And some SFL Prognosticators whole-heartedly believe that we intentionally threw our last two games (rolls eyes). If you were a fly on the wall? You'd see that we were burning the midnight oil just to build a sturdy game plan."

LM: "Mr. Ramen, we know that there was quite a few setbacks in Season 16 and this season."

TM: "That's an understatement! I did get injured last season; so, these three individuals had to pickup the workload. As we all discussed on Eddie Gauge's "Say It With Your Chest" Podcast, Mr. Richards brought some good things to the table. As an organization, we weren't seeing eye-to-eye; so, we went our separate ways. We've all endured personal trials and tribulations this season. What makes this organization great is that we've stuck it out. We may butt heads and have disagreements. At the end of the day? I believe we're building something extraordinary here in Los Angeles."

LM: "Coach Yoseph, we know you've been hard at work trying to finetune this offense. What are your thoughts on their performance so far?"

RY: "I believe we're improving. There are dynamic offenses in the SFL and I believe the Los Angeles Lycans can become one of those dynamic offenses. We're locked-in for this matchup against a feisty Predators defense. It's been a complete team effort to scheme against them. I believe we can put up a fight."

LM: "This defense has been one of the top defenses in the SFL."

SR: "I'm still not satisfied. As a collective unit, we aren't satisfied. On both sides of the ball, we've got players who want to open the eyes of the SFL. We still felt unnoticed when we were hitting our winning streak. We kept it amongst ourselves and attempted to outscheme our opponents. Everyone is this room are passionate about winning. We've put in countless hours preparing for this Wildcard game. TD Drew, Swearingen, Simons, and others have given defenses nightmares! And to be under new ownership and make an aggressive push to the playoffs? You can't speak against that."

LM: "Mrs. Rachelle, how does the future look for the Los Angeles Lycans?"

RC: "We want people to look at our organization as the Standard Bearer of the SFL. We're truly focused on getting our first playoff win. As far as the future? I don't want to reveal any delicate plans. Every season, our goal is to build a better team and closer locker room. We want people to know that Los Angeles is a premiere place to play and grow."

TM: "And filling our trophy cases and rafters with achievements will further along that process. I believe people do see our hard work. We're not just kicking cans down the street. We want to win."

Day of Reckoning

The Los Angeles Lycans have endured ups-and-downs this season; but, they have not let the downs bury their efforts. Yes, the Charleston Predators are a grinder of a team. They are hard-nosed and plotting; but, any team in the SFL has a chance. One of these teams will further their Playoff dreams. The other will go home and prepare for Season 18. Let us all hope that the Lycans can come out on top in this fierce matchup.

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