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Andre Krimm Named D.O.C of the Lycans

The Lycans of Los Angeles were looking for a person well-versed in communications. Needless to say they have found the right guy! Co-Owners Tom Ramen and Rachelle Colston introduced Andre Krimm as the new Director of Communications for the Los Angeles Lycans. "Krimm is very enthusiastic! He's willing to help when possible; and, would give you his own shoes if you were in need. Me and Tom felt that Andre would be the perfect person to represent our organization."

Krimm was extremely excited about his new position. "I want to thank Tom and Rae for this tremendous opportunity! It is quite an honor! To help the Lycans become a foundational piece in the Pacific Division? To help this Los Angeles franchise be the crown jewel of the SFL? That's what I intend to do. I am proud to be Los Angeles' Director of Communications and I look forward to getting to work post haste!

I promise to work as hard as I possibly can."

Director of Communications Role

  1. Updating Scorestream for Home games.

  2. Ensuring the team has personnel compiling stats.

  3. Coordinating with Social Media Director on any media.

  4. Franchise and Historical Stats Data Entry.

  5. Weekly Progression Plan Announcements to the Team


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