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Mike Improta Named L.A.'s General Manager

Within the past two weeks, the Los Angeles Lycans have made vital front office moves to secure their future. Sully Richardson has already been named the team's Defensive Coordinator; and, Rob Emms has been named the Offensive Coordinator. You would have thought an explosion went off in L.A. with today's announcement.

Co-Owners Rachelle Colston and Tom Ramen introduced Mike "Dynamite" Improta as Lycans' General Manager. "Mike is really a man-of-action. He did a lot for the previous organization; and, you can really tell he's passionate about the SFL," said Tom Ramen. Rachelle Colston added,"We're extremely proud to make Improta part of the Lycans' organization. We believe he'll help acquire the correct pieces to our puzzle."

With his big personality and intense drive, Mike "Dynamite" Improta looks to help lead the Lycans to the promised land.

We sat down with the new General Manager and asked him a series of questions.

Lycans: "Congrats on your new position with the Lycans."

Improta: "I would like to thank Tom & Rachelle for bringing me into the Los Angeles Lycans as the team’s General Manager. The Lycans will be built for success. I am incredibly excited to contribute to the organization! Our goal is to consistently compete at a high level in this league. I look forward to working with both Rachelle and Tom to create a tradition of winning, respect, pride, and trust. It is an honor to become part of the forward-thinking vision of the team."

Lycans: "As the Lycans' new GM, what's your vision for the team?"

Improta: "The vision is to always have fun. I want to see our team come together. We should know each other’s unique backgrounds. We will learn & grow together. Communication is key to strengthening our team. If we maintain strong friendships within our locker room, we can build a foundation for sustained success."

Lycans: "Are there any GMs from the SFL or professional sports that you've gained knowledge from?"

Improta: "General Managers who I've admired over the years are Brian Cashman, Billy Beane & Lou Lamoriello. Each have set standards of putting together winning teams and achieving amazing accomplishments at the highest level of their respective sports. They have become masters of combining talent, personalities, and leadership to put championship teams together year after year."

Lycans: "What would you like fans and potential L.A. players to know going into Season 16?"

Improta: "The spotlight isn’t on former championship teams or players who have had stand-out years in the past. Get ready to watch how strategy and talent work together. This team isn’t an expansion team. This team isn’t an organization just getting started. This team will be built with shining stars - From the ownership, to the coaching, and with the players aligned to make an impact as soon as the season begins, the Los Angeles Lycans are built to win! The SFL should be prepared … The Lycan Dynasty has just begun!"

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