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Lycans Place Offense in Hands of Rob Emms!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It appears that Los Angeles has found its Offensive Architect for Season 16. Today, Lycans' Co-Owners Rachelle Colston and Tom Ramen introduced Rob Emms as L.A.'s Offensive Coordinator. "We're very proud to have Rob as the strategist of our offense," says Tom Ramen. "I am excited to work side-by-side with Rob in developing our offense."

Lycans' ownership has been on a tear ever since the SFL announced Los Angeles' purchasing of the former Chicago franchise. Just two days ago, the organization annouced Sully Richardson as their Defensive Coordinator. We sat with new OC Rob Emms and asked him a few questions about today's news.

Emms plans to leave opposing defenses in the moonlight.

  • Lycans: "First of all, congratulations and welcome to L.A.! How are you feeling about todays decision?"

  • Emms: "Thank you so much! I'd like to start out by thanking Tom Ramen and Rachelle Colston for everything. They saw a great opportunity and jumped on it. We have the potential to have an outstanding locker room. I really couldn't see us being in a better situation. I believe our future is going to be amazing under their leadership."

  • Lycans: "What motivated you to step up and become an Offensive Coordinator?"

  • Emms: "Over the years, I've played a lot of Madden and NFL Head Coach. I've always enjoyed managing a team in those games. When I joined the SFL in Season 14, I knew I wanted to move into coaching. Playing against the game's A.I. can get a little predictable. I like the challenge of matching wits with other human opponents. I've never encountered any other situation where that was possible."

  • Lycans: "What kind of offense should the fans of Los Angeles expect?"

  • Emms: "I want our offense to play to its strengths. I expect for our offense to be high scoring. I don't want defenses focusing on any one player. I believe in 'spreading the wealth'."

  • Lycans: "Is there anything you'd like to say to future players, fans, and the SFL?"

  • Emms: "This team will be a solid contender. I truly believe that. Anyone who looks at us and underestimates us? Just because we have new owners? You're in for a rude awakening."

With Los Angeles locking up their Offensive and Defensive coaching staff, the Lycans are running in the right direction. Who else will join this growing organization? Stay tuned for more Lycan News!


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