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Lycans Prepare For The Future

The Simulation Football League Season 17 Rookie Draft was in full swing on June 26th and 27th. Various SFL teams draft rooms were hummed with excitement and anxiety. Some Simulation Football League Minor Leaguers could Potentially make-or-break a franchise. Statisticians, Mock-drafters, and Scouts were busy working their magic.

With a lot of research, communication, and gut-instinct, the Los Angeles Lycans selected two individuals who they believe will fit the Lycan culture:

  • Round 1 (Pick 13) Brogan Speraw DE [Lexington Miners]

  • Round 2 (Pick 32) Chance Touwin P [Lexington Miners]

These two excited individuals touched down in Los Angeles, met with LA's Ownership Group, took a tour of Full Moon Coliseum, signed their contracts, and are ready to roll!! We sat with both Speraw and Touwin at Lycans HQ to gauge their excitement and get to know them a little better.

LAL: "Gentlemen, welcome to Los Angeles!"

Brogan: "It's an honor to be here!

Chance: "We we're just speaking on our way here! We're ready to work!"

LAL: "Where are you two from and what do you do for a living?"

Chance: "I’m from Florida. I recently graduated from UCF with a Hospitality and Tourism Management degree."

Brogan: "I’m from Ohio and I go to college for Mechanical Engineering."

LAL: "Guys, what would you two like to say to the Los Angeles Front Office?"

Brogan: "I'd like to thank them (Co-Owners Rachelle Colston and Tom Ramen; Minority Owner Sully Richardson) for this opportunity. I'll always be thankful that they saw something special in me for their first pick of my SFL Draft! I want them to know that I won't let them down."

Chance: "I’d like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to play in the SFL. I’ve always dreamed of making the big leagues and I’ll never forget who gave me my first shot at it."

LAL: I'm pretty sure they're as excited as you two are! Ok. What was your reaction to being drafted to the Lycans?

Brogan: " I was ecstatic! This was my dream team of the draft! I can't properly express how happy I am to be a Lycan!"

(Chance is busy looking at Lycan paraphernalia.)

LAL: "How was your time in the SFLm? What did you learn that you can apply in the SFL?"

Chance: "My time in the SFLm was great. I had both great coaches and great teammates in Lexington and it was an awesome team to be on for somebody that was new to the league like myself. I learned things like staying on top of my weekly progressions and I became a better special teams player every week!"

Brogan: "My time in the SFLm was great. I enjoyed my time with Lexington. I learned the importance of paying attention to progression windows and listening to your coaches."

LAL: "What do you want to accomplish this season with the Lycans?"

Brogan: "I want to go all the way! We're gonna be the champs this season!"

Chance: "I just want to go out there and do my job. I know punting isn’t the most glamorous position; but, if I am able to flip the field and put our defense in a good position to make a stop every time I trot out there? I’ve done my job. I also have aspirations of a championship; but, I will temper my expectations and practice patience with this goal."

LAL: "Brogan! Baby steps! We've gotta get that Pacific Division Trophy first!"

(The room erupts in laughter.)

"What would you like to say to Los Angeles fans?"

Chance: "I’d like to let the Lycan fans know that I’m ecstatic to be here! I ended up with the organization that I wanted to be with after talking to quite a few of them. There’s no place I’d rather be this season and hopefully for the foreseeable future. I am proud to be the punter for the Los Angeles Lycans and I can’t wait to get to work!"

Brogan: "I'd like to say that I love this city, I love this team, and I love cracking skulls. GO LYCANS!"

LAL: "Gentlemen? It's been an honor to speak to you two! Make the most of this moment, stay focused, and welcome to #LycAngeles!"

Tales From The Cave

  • The Lexington Miners ended their SFLm season with a record of 2-6.

  • Before becoming a Punter, Touwin was the Miners Kicker. Chance was a perfect 4-of-4 for Field Goals Made.

  • Speraw played 8 games in the SFLm. Stats that impress? 6 Tackles For Loss and 2.5 Sacks! Something that LA desperately needed last season.

Stay tuned to more news and current events from the Los Angeles Lycans!

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