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James Richards Named HC of Lycans

Most SFL fans would look at an up-and-coming team and not expect much from it. By the end of Season 16, Los Angeles provided those same fans with clear picture. The Lycans finished second in the Pacific Division, and made it to the Wildcard round. Although they lost to the Fort Worth Toros (13-31), the Lycans organization did a thorough evaluation of its football team.

Enter James Richards.

Today, Owners Rachelle Colston and Tom Ramen introduced Richards as the Lycans new Head Coach. "We would like to welcome James to the City of Los Angeles!", said Colston. "We are really excited to see how much more his coaching expertise can push our team!" Ramen spoke glowingly about Richards' coaching methods. "Rachelle and I were intrigued by James' Offensive and Defensive ideas. We believe his knowledge will be a benefit to our current coaching staff."

With a huge smile on his face and a brand-new Lycans cap on his head, James Richards spoke of his excitement to the media. "I'd like to start off by thanking Lycans ownership (Tom and Rachelle) for giving me this opportunity. It is an honor to be entrusted with the direction and development of this franchise and I'm very grateful to be able to resume my SFL career with this great organization."

Mr. Richards was asked additional question by the media:

  • What do you look to bring to the Lycans organization?

    • "I'm looking to bring an aggressive style of football to L.A. It will invovle consistency and sound APF fundamentals."

  • What would you like the Lycans faithfull to know about this upcoming season?

    • "To the Lycan fans, I want to build on the success L.A. had last season; and, make a run in the SFL Playoffs. This team has a lot of talent on the field and dedicated individuals behind the scenes. I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity."

Please join us in welcoming Head Coach James Richards! Stay tuned for more exciting news from your Los Angeles Lycans!

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