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Striving for Excellence

I found the league back during the playoffs of season 10.  I immediately joined the discord and have been a very active member since day 1.  I was privileged enough to get drafted in the first round by the Las Vegas Fury.  I have since dedicated countless hours into bettering my team and the league.  I went out and bought my copy of APF 2k8 and spent the next few weeks learning the game.  That led to APFE and getting to know rosters intimately.  At the end of last season I was lucky enough to get picked to assist in roster management which has led to less roster issues.  I now have a better understanding of the team makeup.  I want to take my SFL experience to the next level and put a quality product on the field and represent my team with pride.

Tom's SFL Experience:

5 Seasons in League

5 Seasons on coaching staff

5 Seasons as scout

2 Seasons as General Manager

2 Seasons on Statistics Team

1 Season on Support Staff (rosters)

TomRamen: About
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