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I joined the league right after the draft in Season 13.  I became very active in chat and was lucky enough to obtain several offers.  I replaced the free-safety at Carolina week 3 of Season 13. After joining Carolina, I decided that I wanted to be more involved and wanted to know more about the league and the APF 2k8 game.  I became the AGM of CAR in Season 13.  I also joined the stats crew.  In Season 14 I was promoted to GM and also took on the DOC role.  I accepted the role of league ADPP before the start of Season 15, and I feel honored to be the first female on League Support Staff.  Owning a team is my ultimate goal.  So when Ramen approached me about co-owning a team, of course I said “yes”. I want to bring my experience and dedication to an expansion team.  I believe that together, Tom and I are the complete package and have the same goals.

Rachelle's SFL Experience:

2 Seasons as General Manager

1 Season Asst General Manager

2 Seasons Director of Communication

3 Seasons on Statistics Team

1 Season Support Staff (Asst DPP)

RachelleColston: Welcome
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