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Daddy Thump Is Home!

The Lycans were looking to add onto an already stout defense. They found their key piece in "Junkyard Dawg" Robert Thump!

The Lycans Transform

The Lycans wanted to impact the SFL in a major way. With the help of Blacktiger Art? They might have made a significant dent!

Lycans Players Test Free Agency

Some key contributors to the Lycans offense will be testing Free Agency this off-season. We take a look at them in this article.

Logan Jack Named Lycans GM

After a heart-breaking end to Season 18, the Lycans have begun to strengthen their front office with Mr. Logan Jack.

Lycans Fall Again, Playoffs Fade Away

The Lycans small chances of an 3rd-consecutive trip to the SFL Playoffs were just a field goal away. That chance snatched in an instant!

Lycans Drop 3rd Straight Game

The Lycans are in need of help after another rough performance in Week 4 versus the Florida Storm.

Lycans Can't Catch Up To Legion

The Lycans entered Vancouver on fire and left looking frozen. In their Week 2 Pacific Division matchup, LA has more questions than answers.

SFL Wildcard....Part Deux

The Lycans once again make it to the SFL Playoffs. Their journey didn't come without hiccups along the way...

An "Ace" In The Hole

With much vigilance; however, the Lycans found their guy. On August 12th, the Los Angeles Lycans welcomed DE Ace B...

James Richards Steps Down As Head Coach

On August 9th, James Richards resigned as Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lycans. "We appreciate Richards' wealth of knowledge and his drive,"

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